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Self-Determination of Women with Various Types of Gender Identity

In article the analysis of self-determination of working women with various characteristics of gender identity is carried spent. It is shown, that the type of gender identity is connected to features of realization of a choice of a trade and a substantiation of own vital concept, and also with the relation of women to.

The Role of Family in Professional Self-Determination of Psychology Students

The article presents pilot empirical research data regarding the role of family in professional self-determination of psychology stu­dents. The study was carried out on a sample of students (n = 28, 19–21 years old) with application of psychological and diagnostic toolset: I. L. Solomin’ «Orientation» questionnaire; S. A. Pakulina and S. M. Ketko’s questionnaire called «Motivation of students’ learning»; questionnaire with retrospective analysis of motives for choosing fu­ture profession.