Educational Acmeology. Developmental Psychology
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Image of Maternity and Paternity and Parental Attitudes in the Youth

The article analyzes theoretical approaches to understanding the process of the development of image of parenthood. It reveals the gender differences in the ideas of maternity and paternity, and also in parental mindset and expectations. The research sample group consisted of 60 respondents (30 young men and 30 girls age 20- 24 years). The complex of methods has been used: modified version of diagnostic method for interpersonal relationships by T. Leary, adapted by L. N. Sobchik modified by R. V. Ovcharova, PARI method by E. S. Sheffer and R. K. Bell adapted by T. V.

Life Values and Social-Psychological Orientations at Various Stages of Lawyers’ Professional Socialization

The article presents research results that demonstrate correlation between life values and social-psychological orientations at various stages of lawyers’ professional socialization (n = 258). Authors of the study used the following methods in the course of their investigation: “Morphological test of life values” by V. F. Sopov and L. V. Karpushina, “Diagnostic technique for social and psychological orientations of a personality in motivational and need-related spheres” by O. F. Potemkina (original questionnaire), and methods of mathematical statistics.

Conditions for Overcoming Discriminatory Affirmations in Modern Society

The relevance of the study is conditioned by the necessity for formation of theoretical and practical knowledge and technologies that allow to analyze the conditions for overcoming discriminatory affirmations in modern society. The purpose of the research presented in the article is to analyze systematically the conditions for overcoming discriminatory affirmations in modern society.