Educational Acmeology. Developmental Psychology
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Attitude of Student Youth to People with Reduced Capabilities

The article introduces results of comparative empirical investigation of various attitudes of students (future education psychologists and lawyers) to people with reduced capabilities and cooperation with them. Data obtained in the course of the investigation testifies to predominantly positive attitude of students majoring in psychology and pedagogics to people with reduced capabilities, while other students (law students) demonstrate more neutral and sometimes negative attitude to people with reduced capabilities.

Tolerance Development in Ontogenesis of a Personality

The article is about the problem concerning tolerance development of a personality in ontogenesis. It presents the analysis data of psychological conceptions (conception of stage brain building, psychoanalytical conception of culture, socio-analytical theory) that form the basis for modern methodology in researching tolerance development of a personality and give an opportunity to confirm that individual tolerance development repeats the stages of its general social and historical development.

Presentation of Professionally Important Qualities of the Counselor by Students with Different Levels of Empathic Abilities

Counseling is one of the most popular and promising professions in this country. The article explores the topical problem of enhancing the efficiency of mastering the future professional activity during training and successful application of the acquired knowledge at work. The study includes an analysis of approaches to the study of professionally important qualities of a counselor, and an analysis of different approaches to solving this problem.

The Characteristic Features of Identity of the Volga Region’s Native at the Turn of the XX–XXI Centuries

This article is devoted to the scientific and theoretical analysis of structure and development of the ethnic identity and the ethnic communication of the Middle Volga region’s ethnos. Studying the ethnic stereotypes (auto- and hetero stereotypes) the author composes the full picture of interethnic communications in this region of Russia. The author also explains the psychological kind of Middle Volga people’s identity.