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Overcoming stressful situations and professional burnout of nurses: Analysis of the network

The relevance of the research is due to the fact thatmethods of coping with stress are an important predictor of professional burnout. However, previous studies have focused on the assessment of two-dimensional correlations, and did not take into account the complex structure of connections of coping methods both with each other and with the symptoms of professional burnout. The use of a network approach allows us to overcome this limitation.

Emotional Processes and Conditions in System of Dynamical Interactions of the Pupils and the Educational Environment

In article results of the theoretical analysis of a problem of emotional processes and conditions in system of interactions of the pupils and the educational environment are presented. Various approaches to research of stress and alarm in process as general interaction of the person with environment, and in interaction with the specific environment of school training are analyzed.

The correlation between personal creativity and the emotional sphere during adulthood in conditions of the COVID-19 pandemic

The relevance: The COVID-19 pandemic became an unprecedentedly serious test for many Russian people. This negatively aff ected their psycho-emotional state. Therefore, the search for protective factors that can minimize the negative eff ects of the pandemic has become an urgent psychological task. The objective is to study the correlation between the individual’s creativity and the indicators of the emotional sphere of an adult in conditions of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Individual and Psychological Features of Tendency to the Stress of Men and Women

In this article stated the results of the empirical research devoted to studying of interrelation between tendency to a stress and individual and psychological features of the personality. The empirical base of research made 60 people, of them 30 men and 30 women aged from 25 till 35 years. Individual and psychological features were studied by means of R. B. Kettell’s questionnaire, tendency to a stess was investigated with use of the adapted J. Dzhenkinson’s technique.

Psychological and Pedagogical Aspects of the Problem of Students’ Stress Resistance

The purpose of the theoretical study presented in the article is analysis of psychological and pedagogical aspects of stress resistance. Its relevance is conditioned by the identified inability of students to cope with unforeseen situations, their inability to cope with stress, which often results in negative impact on both physical and psychological states. It is assumed that detailed analysis of the terms “stress”, “stress resistance”, and “classification of stress factors” will allow us to outline directions of work aimed at stress resistance development.