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Креативность как фактор эмоциональной стабильности личности в период пандемии COVID-19

Актуальность темы статьи связана с тем, что период пандемии COVID-19 стал беспрецедентно серьезным испытанием для многих жителей России, негативным образом сказался на их психоэмоциональном состоянии. Поэтому поиск протективных факторов, способных минимизировать негативные влияния пандемии, стал актуальной психологической задачей. Цель исследования состоит в изучении креативности в качестве фактора эмоциональной стабильности личности взрослого человека в период пандемии COVID-19.

Individual and Psychological Features of Tendency to the Stress of Men and Women

In this article stated the results of the empirical research devoted to studying of interrelation between tendency to a stress and individual and psychological features of the personality. The empirical base of research made 60 people, of them 30 men and 30 women aged from 25 till 35 years. Individual and psychological features were studied by means of R. B. Kettell’s questionnaire, tendency to a stess was investigated with use of the adapted J. Dzhenkinson’s technique.

Social Perseptions of Stress in Different Age Groups

We present a study of social perceptions of stress. The empirical base of the study was 80 people. Social perseptions of stress have been studied with the help of author questionnaires, the main method of study was content analysis. The study found out that the understanding and preception of stress is ambivalent. Priority social perceptions of stress are such categories as 'experiences' and 'emotional excitement'.

Psychological and Pedagogical Aspects of the Problem of Students’ Stress Resistance

The purpose of the theoretical study presented in the article is analysis of psychological and pedagogical aspects of stress resistance. Its relevance is conditioned by the identified inability of students to cope with unforeseen situations, their inability to cope with stress, which often results in negative impact on both physical and psychological states. It is assumed that detailed analysis of the terms “stress”, “stress resistance”, and “classification of stress factors” will allow us to outline directions of work aimed at stress resistance development.