Educational Acmeology. Developmental Psychology
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Peculiarities of Attention in Professional Activity of Medical Institutions' Staff

The article presents theoretical analysis of the scientific problem of attention in the context of professional activity of medical institutions’ staff. Special attention is given to social orientation of attention in representatives of professions of the socio-economic type. The study shows that socialization of attention functions through its inclusion into various social groups and various types of social and psychological activity.

The Ratio of Self-Esteem, Aspiration Level and Value Orientations of an Individual

From the perspective of the subject-activity theory by S.L. Rubinstein and reflexive activity approach developed by E.I. Kuzmina, which became the methodological basis of our experimental study of self-esteem, aspiration level and value orientations, we clarified the psychological content and substantiated the dialectical unity of these central personality phenomena, showed the heuristic possibilities of their comprehensive research for a deeper understanding of the development of an individual.

Communication in the Context of Consciousness and Social Dynamics of Culture

The paper presents the findings of a theoretical analysis of the correlation between communication phenomena and consciousness, communication and culture, involving basic concepts of mass communication, in which an understanding of its nature, from transfer of information to symbolization and narrativization, is gradually developed. Social communication is viewed as the basic process of building psychosocial identity.