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Preparing Teachers to Work with Senior High School Students on their Personal Self-Determination

Based on prognostic estimates of today’s teachers’ work, the paper identifies ways to design their work with students on their personal self-determination. In order to do this, training objectives for different levels are identified, which allows to plan their step-by-step implementation based on feedback, ensuring that educational results are achieved.

Pedagogical Akmeology Shustova I. Yu. Pedagogical Co-action Subjectivity of a Pupil

The pedagogical co-action is the teacher’s orientation to the activity of a pupil in the process of self-determination. The pedagogical practice within the youth subjectivity is pupil by the space of peculiar human relations, co-existent community, joint aim-and value-determined activity and reflexive consciousness. The two directions of teachers’ activity are presented: the pedagogical support and co-action by means of creating upbringing environment as an event within the atmosphere of mutual understanding and respect.