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Field research: Problem, tasks, opportunities. Part 1

For more than a century, the state of psychology has been characterized as a crisis (crisis of methodology). The present state of the social objects, which serve as the research subjects for us, is characterized by increasing dynamism and variability. The current state, as refl ected in its typical objects and conditions of conducting scientifi c research and practice work by ordinary researchers, often remains out of the attention span of methodologists and historians of science.

Особенности воспитания нравственного поведения детей 5–7 лет в условиях экранной культуры

The article introduces theoretical foundations of the process of morality development in children of senior pre-school age. It proposes the definition and content of the term «morality», describes the major differences between activity and behavior. It was found out that behavior of a modern child is influenced by screen culture, i.e. cartoons. The article describes the essence of cartoon’s influence within the context of morality development in children aged 5–7.