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Pedagogicai Assistence of Senior Students Social Selfdetermination

In the article the notion of the social selfdetermination is exposed, the experimental work with the children and their parents on the basis of Orichi secondary school № 1 (Kirov region) is analysed. The author pays attention on the necessity of search ways of raising of successfulness of pedagogical influence for the achievement of social selfdetermination of senior students by changing of approaches, forms and methods of work with parents.

Representations about the Person of the Teacher in System of Professional Self-determination

In the article the results of the study the representations about the person of teacher in the aspect of the professional self-determination of the teachers of educational establishments are presented. Are revealed the types of representations, connections of the characteristics of personality with the professional identity, some characteristics of professional self-determination.  

Psychological and Pedagogic Approaches to Educational Work with Adolescents in Today’s Schools

The system of educational work in contemporary schools in recent times has started to obtain a greater significance with regards to the fact that many teachers and parents frequently face situations, in which a competent solution to behavioural reactions of these children, adolescents in particular is required. As a result, a strain in the interrelationship between the older generation and the chilren can emerge, at times also amongst the children themselves.

Intersexual Differences in the Ratio of Semantic Characteristics of “Family” and “Social Success” Values at Youthful Age

The paper addresses the problem of personal self-determination, the formation of the semantic concept system “family” and “social success”. Describes the qualitative differences between these concepts of boys and girls in two groups with different levels of completeness, the self-determination.

Self-Determination of Women with Various Types of Gender Identity

In article the analysis of self-determination of working women with various characteristics of gender identity is carried spent. It is shown, that the type of gender identity is connected to features of realization of a choice of a trade and a substantiation of own vital concept, and also with the relation of women to.

The main results of application of an author's technique «20 000 days» (game imitating procedure) are stated during work with various

It is shown that the problem of definition of hierarchy of valuable orientations has universal character in various cultures. The applied aspect of a studied problem can be realized in diagnostic and in developing work of the social psychologist.

Moral Self-Determination of Psychologists, Economists and Advertising Creators at the Early Stages of Professional Development

The theoretical background of the research problem is presented, the importance of the factor of professional activity in the moral self-determination is proved and the choice of professional groups included in the study is justified. The results of an empirical study carried out on a sample of students of the faculties of psychology, economics, advertising (n = 114, 18–35 years old) using the au­thor’s methodology «Personal moral self-determination» (A. E. Vo­robieva and A. B. Kupreichenko).

Social Activity as an Element of the Youth Social Self-Identification

The article outlines the main provisions of an integrated model of selfdetermination. Social activity is an important component as we'll as an indicator of social self-determination. The empirical study was carried out on a sample of youth  (N= 100 people, 18-30 years old) using the author's program for comprehensive studying the phenomenon of self determination, developed by A. L. Zhuravlev and A. B. Kupreychenko. It was found that social activity of modern youth is primarily focused on the satisfaction of their needs and their families.

Social Psychology of Personality: Problems and Prospects

The article covers peculiarities of social psychology of the modern personality object field. We emphasize the necessity of bringing together various approaches to analysis of a personality as a representative of social groups. We pose a number of problems of current importance, which are to be solved with the help of the inter-disciplinary analysis. Special focus is set on the problems of socialization and its effects, subjective well-being, social activity and self-determination of a personality.

Socio-Psychological Aspects of Leading the Processes of Intended Socialization of Youth

The article discusses the problem of intended socialization of youth. It offers the data of psychological approaches (Gabriel Tarde, V. S. Mukhina, A. V. Petrovsky) that lie at the foundation of analysis of essence and mechanisms of socialization mechanisms. We singled out the main directions of work aimed at accompanying: professional self-determination, adaptation process in institutions of higher education, establishment of professional competences.