Educational Acmeology. Developmental Psychology
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Psychological Аspects of Social Risks and Problem of Subjective Well-being of the Person

This article analyzes the psychological dimensions of social risks in relation to the issue of the subjective well-being of the individual and groups. Reveals the characteristics of the socialization, that influence the behavior of the of risk-creating and risk potential. Discuss issues of the social activity of the person with a different level and content of the subjective well-being.

Characteristics of will as predictors of risk inclination of military university students in the process of professional military socialization

One of the important and relevant problems of social psychology is the study of the role of will characteristics as important regulators of risk behavior. It is especially interesting to investigate it in such a specific social group as military personnel, whose activities are associated with risk both directly and indirectly. In view of this, the purpose of the research presented in the article is to study changes in volitional determination of risk and rational behavior of the military university students in the process of professional military socialization.