Educational Acmeology. Developmental Psychology
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Representations about the Person of the Teacher in System of Professional Self-determination

In the article the results of the study the representations about the person of teacher in the aspect of the professional self-determination of the teachers of educational establishments are presented. Are revealed the types of representations, connections of the characteristics of personality with the professional identity, some characteristics of professional self-determination.  

Representations of Loneliness in Russia and Bulgaria (the Case Study of Students)

Loneliness is one of the fundamental problems of modern people. However, loneliness is traditionally associated with negative expressions and characteristics, at the same time it may also have a resource function. The relevance of the study is associated with its focus on the multifaceted understanding of loneliness and identification of its resource mechanisms. The purpose of the study presented in the article is to compare the idea of loneliness among Russian and Bulgarian students.

Formation of Discriminatory Personal Attitudes in the Process of Socialization

Discriminatory attitudes are an important regulator of individual and group behavior that is expressed towards representatives of various groups in the modern society. The importance of overcoming discriminatory attitudes for innovative development of the society has been confirmed. The article presents results of theoretical analysis of the problem of discriminatory attitudes formation from the standpoint of individual socialization.