Educational Acmeology. Developmental Psychology
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The Analysis of Approaches to Mentality Studying in a Psychological Science

The analysis of the historical and psychological literature has allowed to reveal a number of approaches to definition of concept «mentalition» and «mentality». Works of the Moscow psychological school represent attempts to consider integrated mechanisms of mentality and its communication with generalising socially-psychological characteristics of the person and share on two directions socially-psychological categories, such as the way of life, social representations, etc.

To the Problem of Monitoring the Quality of the Development of Basic Educational Program of Preschool Education

The article presents a model for monitoring the quality of mastering basic educational program of preschool education. This model is developed based on the federal government requirements for the structure of the core educational program of preschool education.

Content Transformation of the “Significant Other” Representation in a Transitive Society

The purpose of the study presented in the article is theoretical reflection on the meaningful transformation of the “Significant Other” representation in a transitive society. It describes the main attributes of a transitional society (instability, uncertainty, projectivity, multidirectionality, multivariability, innovativeness, etc.), indicating its institutional and value-related changes, their irreversibility, as well as unity of preservation and negation of rules, norms and values, old and new worldviews and world orders, their conflict and alternativeness.

Psychology of Sustainable Development: Challenges and Prospects

Today the task of practical implementation of sustainable development has become even more important than three decades ago, when the corresponding concept was formulated. The coronavirus pandemic, which caused natural avalanche of negative consequences in the economy and society at the global, national, local, and individual levels, is just one of the tragic evidences of this. Initially, the term “sustainability” was put forward in natural sciences, but it is currently used in a wider context, which leads to misunderstanding.