Educational Acmeology. Developmental Psychology
ISSN 2304-9790 (Print)
ISSN 2541-9013 (Online)

профессиональная идентичность

Professional Self-Determination: a Problem of a Method of Diagnostics and Consultation

The publication is devoted to a problem of professional self-determination, expansion of diagnostic and consulting toolkit, contains the description of a projective technique genogramm, used in psychological consultation with a view of development of professional identity of the client. The opportunity of application of a method at initial and later stages professional is shown.

Ways of minimization of psychological risks of forming of inadequate professional intentions of teachers-psychologists

The article describes statistical intercommunications of professional intentions of future teachers-psychologists with social-psychological factors, providing minimization of psychological risks in the process of the vocational training.

Becomnig of Pedagogical Subjectness in Conditions of Educational Space «Secondary School-High School»

Article is dedicated to analysis of results, demonstrating parameters of professional pedagogical subjectness of senior students studying at pedagogical specialties and secondary school pedagogues. Be­coming of subjectness is considered in conditions of functioning edu­cational space «secondary school-high school».