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приверженность стране

Socio-cognitive Types of Experiencing Reality and Commitment to One’s Country

It is proposed to distinguish nine socio-cognitive types of reality experiencing based on different types of combination of personal social well-being and the level of its socio-cultural integration of the imaginative sphere. The concept of level of sociocultural integration of the personal imaginative sphere, which was conceptualized and operationalized by the author in her precious works, shows how the system of significantly experienced secondary images of the world integrates a person with the socio-cultural environment of a large social community of the country.

Socio-Cultural Integration of the Figurative Sphere and Commitment of Russian and Foreign University Students to Their Country

The purpose of this article was to study of correlation of severity of the commitment of the home country, socio-cultural integration of the sphere and adaptive personality traits of Russian and foreign University students. Tested the hypothesis about the existence of a relationship between the level of sociocultural integration sphere, the commitment to the country, and personality of actors involved in socio-psychological adaptation.

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