Educational Acmeology. Developmental Psychology
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The expectations of teachers and school administrators about the process and result of school psychologists

The paper presents an analysis of the results of psychological surveys of teachers and school administrators, allowing them to reveal the content of expectations about the activities of educational psychologists.

Image of Maternity and Paternity and Parental Attitudes in the Youth

The article analyzes theoretical approaches to understanding the process of the development of image of parenthood. It reveals the gender differences in the ideas of maternity and paternity, and also in parental mindset and expectations. The research sample group consisted of 60 respondents (30 young men and 30 girls age 20- 24 years). The complex of methods has been used: modified version of diagnostic method for interpersonal relationships by T. Leary, adapted by L. N. Sobchik modified by R. V. Ovcharova, PARI method by E. S. Sheffer and R. K. Bell adapted by T. V.