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Humanization of the learning environment – 2022: Results of the international forum

The results of the International Forum “Humanization of the Learning Environment” have been summed up. The Forum was held on March 1-2, 2022. Saratov State University hosted it. The purpose of the Forum was to identify and discuss the role of a young teacher in the transformation of the educational system. 

Traditions and Innovations: International Forum “Humanization of the Educational Space – 2019”

Information is presented on the upcoming March 14–15, 2019 international forum “Humanization of the Educational Space – 2019”, the purpose of which is to discuss the methodological basis of pedagogical activity in a changing educational space.

The Principle Humanization in the Content of Information Computer-Training in Elementary Schools

In article describes the principles of humanization in the development of teaching materials and information computer training, ergonomics towards learning, which acts as the paradise one of the foundations of computer-oriented content of information teaching, ensuring the formation of the children’s minds shaped reflection results individual learning activities.