Educational Acmeology. Developmental Psychology
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State Policy in the Field of Education – Reforms, Results, Expectations

Set out data analysis of national education reforms, particularly the Higher School after Russia’s entry into the Bologna process and the World Trade Organization. Identified five priority areas outlined in the State Program of Education Development for 2013 2020. Such units as ensuring access to education for all of life of Russians, monitor the quality of its level, the development of continuity, openness and the establishment of a unified information environment compared with the views of teachers and scholars.

Coaches’ Teaching Styles as Factors of its Effectiveness

The article presents the results of three lines of an experimental study. This study aimed to establish: coaches’ working styles and interrelationships between these styles; results of coaches’ works and interrelationships between these results; and the effect coaching styles had on the parameters of their effectiveness. Several styles of coaches’ work were identified: variative and preparative. The study also identified two types of coaching work: one focused on disciplining and health-improvement, the other focused on instruction and competitions.