Educational Acmeology. Developmental Psychology
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Dynamics of Mental Health (Results of a Longitudinal Experiment)

The results of a 33-year longitudinal experiment of monitor mental capacity (MC) of subject is considered. We discuss the dynamics of MC, identified patterns are types of MC. The fact is that dynamics is spontaneity and repeatability of the of MC in weekly, monthly, annual and biennial cycle.

Determiners of Mental Capacity Annual Cycle

The article demonstrates the results of a 34-year longitudinal study on the monitoring of intellectual workers mental capacity (MC). The author compares the non-repeatability of MC dynamics in different timing cycles and repeatability of the types of dynamics with similarity of the “external” and “internal” conditions of an individual.

Professional Selection: History and Prospects for Goal Setting

Purpose of the study: analysis of the set of issues related to the problem of professional selection (methodology and methods, techniques, procedures for organizing and conducting diagnostics, preservation and use of the empirical data, etc.).