Educational Acmeology. Developmental Psychology
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difficult life situation

Relationship between Adaptation and Coping Behaviour of International Students in Russia

The purpose of the study presented in the article is to generalize theoretical and empirical studies on the relationship between adaptation and coping behaviour of international students in Russia. There is a pronounced tendency towards the increase in international students wishing to obtain higher education in Russia. Not only the “geography” of international students is expanding, but the number of Russian universities willing to enrol the students is also increasing.

Hardiness as a Predictor of Self-Realization in Difficult Life Situations

The article presents the results of a study which conclusively prove a correlation between self-realization and the individual’s hardiness. It is shown that under certain conditions (in difficult life situations) hardiness as a property of the personality is a predictor of self-fulfillment of the subjects of activity. The article outlines modern trends in research of self-realization in the context of the system paradigm. It further identifies main individual and personal determinants of the manifestation of personal self-realization.