Educational Acmeology. Developmental Psychology
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Tkacheva Mariay S.

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Candidate of Sciences

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Tkacheva M. S. The Peculiarities of the Development Sportsmen’s Intellectual Attention to Coach’s Pedagogical Iniercourse
Tkacheva M. S. Psychological Features of Risks in Sport’s Activity
Tkacheva M. S. The Mental Conditions as Criterions of Athlete’s Hindrance Resistance
Tkacheva M. S. Personal Development of the Sportsman as a Condition of Growth of a Competitive Noise Stability
Tkacheva M. S. Peculiarities of Functioning Cognitive Psychic’s Processes in Sport’s Different Kinds
Tkacheva M. S. Peculiarities of Social-psychological Stereotypes about School Children in Students – Future Teachers
Tkacheva M. S. Pecularities of Students-assistants’ Feelings at Lessons
Tkacheva M. S. Formation of Psychological Self-Analysis Skills for Pedagogical Work in Trainees
Tkacheva M. S. Psychological Peculiarities of Sociogenic Factor-Influence in Sports
Tkacheva M. S. Interaction of Participants of Educational Process in Conditions of the Subject-Personal Approach
Tkacheva M. S. Strakhov Readings-2018: International Scientific Conference
Tkacheva M. S. Features of Stereotype Representations of Schoolchildren in Students of Different Pedagogical Specialties
Tkacheva M. S. Strakhov readings – 2022: International scientifi c conference