Educational Acmeology. Developmental Psychology
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The correlation between personal creativity and the emotional sphere during adulthood in conditions of the COVID-19 pandemic

The relevance: The COVID-19 pandemic became an unprecedentedly serious test for many Russian people. This negatively aff ected their psycho-emotional state. Therefore, the search for protective factors that can minimize the negative eff ects of the pandemic has become an urgent psychological task. The objective is to study the correlation between the individual’s creativity and the indicators of the emotional sphere of an adult in conditions of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Взаимосвязь креативности личности и эмоциональной сферы в период взрослости в условиях пандемии COVID-19

Актуальность темы статьи связана с тем, что период пандемии COVID-19 стал беспрецедентно серьезным испытанием для многих жителей России, негативным образом сказался на их психоэмоциональном состоянии. Поэтому поиск протективных факторов, способных минимизировать негативные влияния пандемии, стал актуальной психологической задачей. Цель исследования состоит в изучении креативности в качестве фактора эмоциональной стабильности личности взрослого человека в период пандемии COVID-19.

The Problem of School-Based Anxiety from the Position of the Environmental Approach

In a combination of views on apprehension and anxiety, aspects of the interaction of an individual with the environment and uncertainties are emphasized as properties of this interaction, i.e. aspects conceptually close to the synergetic paradigm of modern science. The author grounds the vision on the implementation of the environmental approach in interpreting the fundamental ideas of the post-nonclassical picture of the world about systemic integration and in the relation to the problem of determinism in refraction to the psychological-pedagogical subject area.