Educational Acmeology. Developmental Psychology
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стратегии поведения в конфликте

Relationship Strategies Behaviour in Conflict with Type the Victim Type of Adolescent Behaviour

Actuality and social as well as practical significance of studying victim behaviour in adolescence as the most vulnerable are grounded in the article. The results of psychological diagnostic study that was directed to identifying the adolescent behavioral strategies which dominate in a conflict, the teenagers' bent to different types of victim behaviour and correlating connections between the defined indices are described.

Social and Psychological Characteristics of Conflictive Interaction in Married Couples

The article analyzes theoretical approaches to understanding the problem of conflictive interaction in married couples. There is a connection between personality and strategy of behavior in problematic situations between spouses. We studied the conformity of role expectations of spouses with different strategies of behavior in family conflict, different family histories of parent family and character of matrimonial interaction in conflict. The study is based on a sample, which includes 60 respondents (30 women and 30 men aged 18–30).