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Overcoming stressful situations and professional burnout of nurses: Analysis of the network

The relevance of the research is due to the fact thatmethods of coping with stress are an important predictor of professional burnout. However, previous studies have focused on the assessment of two-dimensional correlations, and did not take into account the complex structure of connections of coping methods both with each other and with the symptoms of professional burnout. The use of a network approach allows us to overcome this limitation.

Преодоление стрессовых ситуаций и профессиональное выгорание у медицинских сестер: анализ сети

Актуальность: способы совладания со стрессом являются важным предиктором профессионального выгорания, однако проведенные ранее исследования фокусировались на оценке двумерных связей, и не учитывали сложную структуру связей способов совладания как между собой, так и с симптомами профессионального выгорания. Применение сетевого подхода позволяет преодолеть это ограничение. Цель: реконструкция сети связей способов преодоления стрессовых ситуаций с профессиональным выгоранием и ее описание.

Theoretical Model of Personality’s Readiness for Self-development Formation

In this work the author discusses results of theoretical and empirical research on readiness for self-development, and on viability in connection with coping-strategies characteristics and protective behavior strategies. The author’s model of personality’s readiness for self-development is presented. The research was made on the student community sample collected from the students of Pedagogical Institute of Kazan Federal University (n = 188). Complex of methods was applied: «Readiness for self-development» test by V. L.

Defensive-coping behaviour in teenagers and adolescents

The article presents data on studying correspondence between psychological defense mechanisms and coping strategies in teenage and adolescent years within the context of a unified system of self-regulation and adaptation. The relevance of research into defensive-coping behavior is conditioned by the need to understand interaction between defense mechanisms and coping strategies in teenage years and adolescence, as well as to solve the practical problem, i.e.