Educational Acmeology. Developmental Psychology
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ситуация неопределенности

The System Psychological Analysis of Risks of Professional Activity

In article the system organization of process of formation and display of risks of professional work in a context of occurrence of situations of uncertainty and decision-making is considered. Attempt to analyze its psychological aspects at subject and activity levies are undertaken, each of which also represents a subsystem of components causing each other.

Psychological Structure of Professional Risks in Education: Motivational-Volitional Component

The article considers the substantial features of motivational-volitional aspects of professional risks. Explains the concept of a situation of uncertainty, discusses the factors deforming perception of risk and the motives that determine the activity of the teacher, directed on overcoming the uncertainty. It is underlined, that this activity was willing to risk, as the person’s ability to rely on their own potential, and her desire for professional success.