Educational Acmeology. Developmental Psychology
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ISSN 2541-9013 (Online)

readiness for risk

Interrelation of Readiness and Motivation to Risk

In clause the basic problems, concerning motivations of risk and readiness for risky behavior are considered. Results of the comparative analysis of motivation of risk of representatives of different generations are discussed. Distinctions in structure of readiness for risk, representations about motivation of risk in society and subjective motivation of youth, an average and the senior generation are established. The interrelation of readiness for risk and motivation is established.

Ethnopsychological features of readiness for risk

In this article psychological features of readiness for risk of Germans of the Volga region and Russian are considered. Dependence of readiness for risk on specificity of substantial characteristics of identity of the person of Germans and Russian is analyzed.

Readiness for Risk as Personal Potential of Subject Regulation

In article attempt to analyse readiness for risk as personal potential of subject regulation is undertaken. Results of empirical research of readiness for risk in correlation with characteristics of self-control and subjective well-being of the person are submitted.