Educational Acmeology. Developmental Psychology
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Psychological Features of Risks in Sport’s Activity

The article is considered Psychological features of risks, taking of risky decisions and realizing of risky actions in sport. The kinds of risks in sport’s activity are analysed. We propose the classification of risky situations in sport and discuss the examples of realizing of risky actions by sportsmen.

Psychological Peculiarities of Sociogenic Factor-Influence in Sports

The article suggests the data of theoretical and empirical research of the problems of sportsmen resistance to factor-influence caused by the influence of society he/she is directly interacting in the course of his/her activity. Traditionally the members of this society are coaches, team-mates, competitors, and specialists of the present area: all these people are the carriers of social opinion on the level of sportsman readiness and his competitive opportunities.

Personal Development of the Sportsman as a Condition of Growth of a Competitive Noise Stability

In the article we consider the features of athletes’ personality and their development that may influence on their hindrance resistance and determine success or failure in competition activity. We analyze relation between personality’s separate lines and athletes’ susceptibility to different hindrance influences. Recommendation for forming of appropriate personality’s qualities are given.