Educational Acmeology. Developmental Psychology
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Perfectionist self-presentation and altruistic attitudes during adulthood

The problem of eff ective tactics of personal self-presentation in various situations of social interaction is becoming increasingly important. The phenomenon of perfectionism as a person's desire for perfection, exceptional achievements and admiration from others, is becoming increasingly common both in professional and personal spheres. Objective: to identify the relationship between perfectionist self-presentation and altruistic attitudes in diff erent periods of adulthood.

Relationship between Perfectionism and Forms of Social Activity among Youth of Different Age Groups

The purpose of the study is to establish the interconnection between perfectionism and forms of social activity in students. The study involved representatives of different age groups, all of whom were students (N = 236): high school students (n = 118) and university students (n = 118) from Saratov and Saratov region aged 17 to 19. The methodological tools, that we used, involved a questionnaire aimed at recording various forms of social activity and the degree of their manifestation (R. M. Shamionov, I. V. Arendachuk, E. E.