Educational Acmeology. Developmental Psychology
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ISSN 2541-9013 (Online)

Generation Z

Transformation of the cognitive sphere of “digital generation” children: Experience analysis

The article studies the problem of changes in the cognitive sphere of children and adolescents of the digital generation – “generation Z” – in the context of influence of socio-cultural processes and digital technologies on the human psyche. We analyse data and models of changes in perception, thinking, memory and attention in the process of transformation of the socio-cultural situation. Arguments are given in favor of the standpoint emphasizing the ambiguous nature of the influence of digital technologies on the cognitive development of a modern person.

Image of an Adolescent in Psychology: Specific Features of Age or Research?

The relevance of this study is conditioned by the need to solve the problems of studying Generation Z and the absence of a holistic, consistent image of adolescence in the psychological literature. We have put forward a hypothesis, according to which the reasons for ambiguous understanding of adolescence are connected with the techniques used. Accordingly, the purpose of the study presented in the article was to identify the causes of contradictions in the descriptions of adolescence features.