Educational Acmeology. Developmental Psychology
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To the Question about Emotional Intelligence

There is the history of such concept, as emotional intelligence, and also positions of scientists concerning formation of this new phenomenon of pedagogy in the article. The theoretical analysis of its basic models is given. It is noticed that development of emotional intelligence of children is represented to the extremely important and actual in a context of a modern society.

Influence of Emotions on Informative Activity of the Younger Schoolboy

In article the researches devoted to a role of emotions in informative activity of the younger schoolboy are analyzed. Influence of emotions on processes of storing, perception, imagination and thinking is considered. It is underlined that excessive emotional conditions adversely affect informative activity of the younger schoolboy, brake and will disorganize its intellectual activity

The environment of emotions and sounds

 People’s interaction with the acoustic environment has recently been studied in various disciplines. The main problem of studying the perception of the acoustic environment is related to the variety of sound sources and the lack of a clear classification of them. The objective: to classify the acoustic environmental events based on the type of emotional impact they have. The research hypothesis is that there are acoustic events in the environment that cause basic emotions.