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Educational and developmental activity of high school students under COVID-19 restrictions

Most studies analyse educational process specifi cs during the spread of Covid-19 using higher education as an example. There is insuffi cient amount of research devoted to the study of students’ activity at diff erent levels of school education. The purpose of the study is to identify the diff erences in terms of manifestation and determination of high school students’ educational and developmental activity in normal life and under social isolation.

Distance learning: New opportunities to replace learning on campus or an attempt to achieve acme in education

Distance learning in the modern world is becoming an important form of education regardless of the location of the educational institution and the physical capabilities of the student. The relevance of the research is determined by the need to obtain new theoretical knowledge about the psychological and pedagogical foundations of distance learning in order to improve it and increase its effectiveness in the conditions of the pandemic and exit from it.

Students’ choice of digital educational resource: Psychological aspect

The issue of psychological feasibility of distance learning is understudied and remains relevant both in theoretical and practical terms. The purpose of the study viewed in the article is to identify the connection between students’ preferences to study using the Internet and electronic textbooks with their personal psychological traits. Presumably, confident, self-organized students have a positive attitude towards their use, while anxious, emotionally unstable students have a negative attitude.