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different age groups

Relationship between Perfectionism and Forms of Social Activity among Youth of Different Age Groups

The purpose of the study is to establish the interconnection between perfectionism and forms of social activity in students. The study involved representatives of different age groups, all of whom were students (N = 236): high school students (n = 118) and university students (n = 118) from Saratov and Saratov region aged 17 to 19. The methodological tools, that we used, involved a questionnaire aimed at recording various forms of social activity and the degree of their manifestation (R. M. Shamionov, I. V. Arendachuk, E. E.

Presentation about Hope in Different Age Groups

Hope, as a psychological category, has been studied by scholars in different times, but its essence is still not disclosed. Hope is a product of a person’s relationship to the life situation. Behavior of an individual in a particular situation with respect to the object of hope depends on his/her experience and the system of values and meanings that determine his/ her future behavior. It is noted that the picture of a personality’s world changes under the influence of external changes that form its new ideas, displacing or leveling the already existing ones.