Educational Acmeology. Developmental Psychology
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The System Psychological Analysis of Risks of Professional Activity

In article the system organization of process of formation and display of risks of professional work in a context of occurrence of situations of uncertainty and decision-making is considered. Attempt to analyze its psychological aspects at subject and activity levies are undertaken, each of which also represents a subsystem of components causing each other.

Self-Determination of Women with Various Types of Gender Identity

In article the analysis of self-determination of working women with various characteristics of gender identity is carried spent. It is shown, that the type of gender identity is connected to features of realization of a choice of a trade and a substantiation of own vital concept, and also with the relation of women to.

Characteristics of Decision-Making of People with Independent and Dependent Type of Subjective Regulation (Gender Differences)

The article presents the results of the study on the characteristics of decision-making by young men and women with independent and dependent types of subjective regulation. It is shown that along with the widely discussed factors influencing the decision-making such as situation and personal characteristics, another factor has a significant influence, although it is practically not described in psychological literature. It is about how the subject will implement the alternative chosen by him/ her.