Psychology of Social Development

Attitude to Loan and Debt: the Role of Financial Competence and Personal Traits

The purpose of the study presented in the article is to investigate peculiarities of attitude to debt and loans, as well as financial competence in young people that took part/did not take part in the professional game called “Loan Portfolio”, which is aimed at increasing the level of financial competence. We compared the attitude to debt and loan in the respondents before and after the introduction of laws aimed at the protection of borrowers’ interests.

Interrelation between Discriminatory Attitudes and Characteristics of Life Satisfaction, Happiness in Young People

The purpose of the study presented in the article is to establish the interrelation between discriminatory attitudes and characteristics of life satisfaction, happiness in young people. The study was carried out on a sample of people (N = 168; mean age=27.63), mostly females (78.6%), using the following psycho-diagnostic tools: questionnaire that includes 8 scales focusing on self-assessment of discriminatory attitudes to the Other (R. M Shamionov, M. V. Grigoryeva), “Satisfaction with Life Scale” (by E. Diener, adapted by D. A. Leontiev, E. N. Osin) and “Subjective Happiness Scale” (by S.

Activity Characteristics of Social Activity in Young People Belonging to Different Age Groups

The relevance of the study is associated with insufficient information regarding forms of social activity of an individual taken in conjunction with characteristics of their respective activities and features of manifestation of this relationship in young people belonging to different age groups. Its goal is to identify the most typical areas of manifestation of young people’s social activity considering age development dynamics in relation to characteristics of the activities carried out within them.

Peculiarities of Emotional and Personal Well-Being in the Representatives of Socionomic Professionals (Doctors and Psychologists)

In modern society that is characterized by rapid changes, instability, turbulence, the importance of socionomic specialists work is increasing, as their main function is to help people. The prominent representatives of this professional segment are doctors and psychologists. Such personal qualities as responsibility, discipline, and empathy are necessary for specialists to effectively carry out professional activities, provide timely and high-quality assistance to those in need.

Professional Life: Synergetic Approach. Part 2

This article continues the series of works (2017–2019) on the problem of career (professional life). The phenomenon of “professional life” in the methodology of the synergetic approach is considered as an open, unstable system. The subject of research is age dynamics of professionalism and its components (creativity, operating style, leadership style) in subjects at the age range of 25–55.

Communicative Activity of an Individual with Violated Psychological Boundaries in Communication via a Mobile Phone and the Internet

We present the results of an empirical study aimed at identifying the features of a communicative activity of a person with violated psychological boundaries expanded by modern technical means (the Internet, a mobile phone). According to A. Sh. Tkhostov, psychological boundaries include everything that the individual considers as “his/hers”; the internal criterion of “his/hers” is the controllability of surrounding objects.

Experience of Unfair Situations in University Students in the Course of Educational Process

The relevance of the research topic is conditioned by insufficient coverage of unfair situations-related experience in students in the course of educational process. Studying the experience of unfair situations during the communicative interaction of university professors and students reflects the ways of personal development and contributes to the improvement of psychological climate in student life. The purpose of the study is to identify students’ experiences of unfair situations arising in the educational process and various types of sensitivity to justice, as well as values.

Family Interaction Parameters in Preschoolers with Different Levels of Interpersonal Emotional Competence

The purpose of the study presented in the article is a comparative analysis of family interaction in families of senior preschoolers with different levels of interpersonal emotional competence (including identification of emotions, empathy and expression). Presumably, mothers in families of preschoolers with high interpersonal emotional competence have a greater maturity of parenting stylistic characteristics, and, therefore, we can observe a more successful pattern of mothers’ emotional interaction with children and optimal parameters of family adaptation and cohesion.

Emotional Self-Regulation of Preschoolers and Parent-Child Relationships

The purpose of the research presented in the article is to study characteristics of strategies for emotional self-regulation of preschool children in connection with characteristics of emotional parent-child interaction and deviations in parenting.

Relationship between Adaptation and Coping Behaviour of International Students in Russia

The purpose of the study presented in the article is to generalize theoretical and empirical studies on the relationship between adaptation and coping behaviour of international students in Russia. There is a pronounced tendency towards the increase in international students wishing to obtain higher education in Russia. Not only the “geography” of international students is expanding, but the number of Russian universities willing to enrol the students is also increasing.