Psychology of Social Development

Attitudes Towards Out-Group Members: Ethnocultural Components and Socialization

The article presents the testing of the hypothesis that in the structure of individual experience, socialization as a form of adaptation to the environment is provided by more differentiated, late-formed systems, in comparison with ethno-cultural traditions and rules. The study involved 185 people, Russians and Kazakhs living on the same territory – in Saratov, Russia and Uralsk, Kazakhstan.

Cross-Cultural Peculiars of Coping Strategies of the Russian and the French Students in the Context of Psychological Well-Being

The goal of the empirical study described in the article was to identify the cross-cultural characteristics of coping strategies and psychological well-being undertaken on a sample of the Russian (n = 70) and the French (n = 70) students aged 18 to 25 years old using the following psychodiagnostic tools: “Scale of psychological well-being” (by C. Riff, adapted by N. N. Lepeshinsky), “Ways of Coping Questionnaire” (WCQ, adapted by T. L. Kryukova and E. V. Kuftyak).

Interdependence of Harmoniousity of Valuable Orientations and Social Maturity

The paper presents the results of a correlation study, which purpose is to study the relationship between the harmony of value orientations and social maturity. As a hypothesis, it was suggested that the harmony of value orientations is closely related to various aspects of social maturity (social status, economic status, personal maturity). The empirical basis of the study consisted of 357 people (men and women aged 18–30 years, 178 women and 169 men). To collect empirical data, we used the methods based on a complex programme developed by A. B. Kupreichenko and A. L.

Classical Writers on Love: the Contemporary Look

The purpose of the research presented in the article was to determine how close the statements about love made by the classics to the views of our contemporaries. The study involved 230 people aged 19 to 61 years old, the mean age is 29 years, the sample consisted of 52% of women and 48% of men. We used the questionnaire “Concepts of love», especially designed for the purposes of the research, which includes 26 statements about love made by famous cultural figures of different times and nations.

On the Question OF Psychophysiological and Personal Factors of Perception of Daily Stressors

The paper presents the results of an empirical study, which purpose was to study the relationship between the perception of everyday stressors and the functional state of the nervous system, the level of stress tension and personal characteristics.

Formation of Discriminatory Personal Attitudes in the Process of Socialization

Discriminatory attitudes are an important regulator of individual and group behavior that is expressed towards representatives of various groups in the modern society. The importance of overcoming discriminatory attitudes for innovative development of the society has been confirmed. The article presents results of theoretical analysis of the problem of discriminatory attitudes formation from the standpoint of individual socialization. It is assumed that there are various sources of discriminatory attitudes that are actualized at different levels of individual socialization.

Connection between Coping Behaviour Strategies and Life-Purpose Orientations of the Graduates of Orthodox Monastery Orphanage in Guatemala

The article presents the results of the study of coping strategies and life-purpose orientations of graduates of an orphanage at an Orthodox monastery in Guatemala (N = 60). The relevance of the study is conditioned by the possibility of forming recommendations regarding organization of the upbringing process in both secular and religious orphanages, based on the understanding of characteristics under study and the relationship between them.

Labour Management and Features of Business Communication Styles of Subjects (Based on the Example of Nurse Practices)

The article presents the results of study of business communication styles (BCS) of senior nurses (30 people) and nurses (135 people) at the age of 22 to 65 years old. The goal of the study is the analysis of nurses’ labor management features as a factor of their business communication styles formation.

Understanding the Problem Situation and its Successful Solution

The goal of this research is to study the process of understanding as a form of productive thinking aimed at solving problematic situations. We demonstrated that the understanding of a meaning of a work of art, which unfolds as a dialogue between two subjects: the author and the reader/audience, can serve as a model for understanding the problematic situation. The standard for understanding is the meaning laid down by the author.

Types of Adaptive Personality Readiness in the School Learning Environment

The article presents the results of an empirical study of high school students’ adaptive readiness. The issue of adaptive personality readiness is important today and it is driven by the necessity of students’ readiness development to adaptation and incompetence of psychological knowledge about typological characteristics of adaptive readiness. The article carries out the analysis of the problems of adaptive personality readiness development in contemporary psychology.