Pedagogy of Development and Cooperation

Успешность социально-психологической адаптации учащихся в зависимости от образовательных сред

Изложены данные теоретического анализа проблемы соци ально-психологической адаптации учащихся в условиях моно- (общеобразовательного учреждения) и поли- (учреждений дополнительного образования) образовательной среды. Особое внимание уделено проблеме успешности социально-психологической адаптации подростков в зависимости от их включенности в образовательную среду учреждения дополнительного образования.


Изложены данные теоретического анализа категории «качество жизни», позволяющие выявить наиболее значимые сферы жиз- недеятельности студентов в вузе, а также определить базовые потребности в каждой из выделенных сфер. Представлено ав- торское понимание содержательной наполненности категории «качество жизни». Деятельность куратора характеризуется как целенаправленное и организованное взаимодействие со сту- денческим коллективом, способствующее оптимизации качества жизни студентов и совершенствованию учебно-воспитательного процесса в вузе.


Согласно социально-культурному подходу к рассмотрению педагогических дефиниций, обосновано новое педагогическое содержание социально-культурного феномена «физиче- ская культура» и его составляющих компонентов. Уточнены задачи и результат обучения и воспитания физической культуры, а также введена категория «индивидуальная физическая культура». Обоснована необходимость использования нескольких средств в образовании в области физической культуры (двигательной физической активности и решения жизнеутверждающих ситуаций).

Didactic Potential of Oxford Tutorial

The goal of higher education individualization demands to study existing effective individual forms of teaching and to find ways of their implementation into Russian universities teaching and learning process. The research of a special teaching phenomenon – Oxford tutorial – allows eliciting its characteristic features and suggesting ways of its implementation. Modern authentic sources have been analyzed, Oxford university experienced tutors’ points of view have been synthesized, a classical tutorial definition is given.

Strategies for Building a Parenting Environment and Parenting Methods for the Younger Generation

The authors identify two reverse strategies for building a parenting environment (one starting from ideological foundations to the choice of parenting practices, and the other from the choice of parenting practices to their ideological foundations). The paper presents the results of an analysis of methods of forming consciousness, organization and encouragement of work in the context of the younger generation’s attitude to them.

Fundamental Principles of Pedagogical and Psychological Theories of Social Education

The study aims to develop the foundations of a pedagogical and psychological theory of social education. It provides a rationale for the significance of this work in the context of the current pedagogical situation and formulates basic concepts of this theory. It also describes static and dynamic aspects of educational interaction and characterizes its organizational and cultural context. The cultural-historical theory and the activity approach serve as a psychological foundation for the ideas presented in the paper.

«Mania» Structure and an Adaptive Model of Development of Didactogeny in Schoolchildren

The paper presents the results of a theoretical analysis of two development models of didactogeny in schoolchildren. The first model shows how «mania» structure of the development of didactogeny emerges in schoolchildren, which is pathological and characterizes most teacher-student conflicts accompanied by didactogenic disorders. The second model describes an adaptive circle of development of didactogeny in schoolchildren. As it is formed, there is a realization that a student has didactogeny, followed by a resolution of this problem.

The Improving of Professional Competence of Teachers by the Tools of Computer Programs

The general application of computer technology and its software in the pedagogical activity, specifies the need for the more intensified study of the didactic possibilities of computer programs and in particular the programs of obshchepolzovatelskogo designation, in particular, packet MS Office. As practice shows, instructors and masters production instruction do not entirely realize the set of instruments of computer programs in the preparation of didactic material on I see their activity.

State Policy in the Field of Education – Reforms, Results, Expectations

Set out data analysis of national education reforms, particularly the Higher School after Russia’s entry into the Bologna process and the World Trade Organization. Identified five priority areas outlined in the State Program of Education Development for 2013 2020. Such units as ensuring access to education for all of life of Russians, monitor the quality of its level, the development of continuity, openness and the establishment of a unified information environment compared with the views of teachers and scholars.

Art dialogues on Literature Reading Classes

The article deals with the issue of integrative (poly-artistic) approach to the study of literary writing in primary school based on the priority recognition of the aesthetic basis of the work and on the establishment of dialogic relationships between different kinds of art during the analysis of the literary text.