Психология социального развития

Представления о материнстве/отцовстве и родительские установки у молодежи

Проанализированы теоретические подходы к пониманию процесса формирования представления о родительстве. Выявлены половые различия в представлениях о материнстве и отцовстве, а также в родительских установках и ожиданиях. Выборка исследования включала в себя 60 респондентов (30 юношей и 30 девушек в возрасте от 20 до 24 лет). Применялся комплекс методик – модифицированного варианта методики «Диагностика межличностных отношений» Т. Лири, адаптированный Л. H. Собчик, в модификации Р. В. Овчаровой, методики PARI E. C. Шеффера и P. K.

Социокультурная обусловленность восприятия внешности незнакомого другого

Представлены результаты эмпирического исследования, направленного на анализ социокультурной обусловленности оценок личностных качеств незнакомого человека взрослыми людьми по внешнему облику, показателям экспрессии и оформлению внешности. В исследовании принимало участие 60 человек в возрасте 25–30 лет женского пола и использовался следующий диагностический инструментарий: шкалы «16-факторного личностного опросника» Кеттелла и методика «Семантический дифференциал» Ч. Осгида.

Актуальные направления исследований в области этнопсихологии субъективного благополучия

Представлены данные обощенного анализа фактологического материала исследований субъективного благополучия, выполненных в этнопсихологическом ракурсе, свидетельствующие о многообразии видов, форм, факторов и детерминант субъективного благополучия, отражающие этнокультурное своеобразие взаимодействия человека и общества в условиях его глобализации. Зафиксированы основные тенденции в становлении и развитии этнопсихологии субъективного благополучия.

Social and Psychological Aspects of Cross-Species Interaction between Humans and Pets

In the present study needs and personal characteristics of dog's owners and non-owners are compared. It was revealed that some needs and personal characteristics are significant predictors of attitude and behavior type with animals. In the pet owners personal sphere has been allocated the directivity to a particular type of communication with the pets, which can be described as a socio-positive and innovative. Separately, it should be emphasized that this type of communication is characterized by it's have not incorporates the component of compensation.

Social Aspects of Human-Pet Interaction with as a Coping Strategy

The article presents data, which testifies to the tendency of human perception of an animal as a social partner. Animals are perceived as family members by humans and get the states of significant others. The article gives information regarding the study of inter-species interaction between humans and pets. It is shown that all signals, which are transmitted between members of the inter-species group, can be classified based on two principles: incentive for action and forcing into action.

Model of Professional Destruction of Shift Workers in Arctic Conditions

The article presents the results of an empirical study carried out on a sample of 70 shift construction workers of natural gas pipelines, working in Tumen region (the length of the shift is 52 days), aged from 30 to 59 (mean age 34,9 ± 8,1) with application of the following diagnostic tools: a questionnaire called «Accentuation of character» (H. Smishek); scale diagnosis of type A behavior (S. D. Polozhentsev, D. Rudnev); I-structural test by G. Amon (adaptation by U. Y. Tupitsina., V. V. Bocharov) and statistical methods: one selective Student t-criterion, multiregressive step analysis.

Identity and Satisfaction with Marriage in Married Families

The article analyzes the theoretical approaches to understanding problems of family identity. The author discovered the dependence of well-being in the marriage from which the identity (personal or family) exists in humans. The sample consisted of 40 respondents (20 childless families with experience of 1 month - 3 years and 20 families with children with experience of 18-23 years). The use of complex techniques - «test questionnaire satisfaction with marriage»

Role of Self-determination and Reflexivity in Career Orientations of Future Engineers

Special features of career orientations of future engineers are described; they define the vector of professional formation and the level of professional development. The results of the empirical research are presented, the research was carried out on the representative sample (N = 82, M = 20,30 years, students of 2 - 6 years of study of National Technical University «Kharkiv Polytechnic Institute» with different technical specialties) with application of the diagnostic tools: the method of «The questionnaire of self-organization activity by E. Yu.

Peculiarities of Cognitive Estimation of Inclusion into the Virtual Community by the Internet Communication Subjects

This paper describes the results of studies of the cognitive assessment subjects of their own participation in online communities, as well as their ideas about themselves in the context of addictive and controlling behavior of the individual. Explores the perception and awareness of the potential personal risks of involvement in online communication - on the one hand, and resources the participation - on other hand.

Influence of Ethnic Identity Expressiveness on the Choice of Acculturation Attitude by Migrants

The article presents study the influence of the salience of ethnic identity on choice migrant's acculturation attitude according to the theory of social identity by H. Tajfel and J. C. Turner and the theory of cognitive dissonance by L. Festinger. We suppose that migrants experienced uncomfortable in new cultural environment due to the inconsistency of their own cultural values and norms with norms and values of the host society. In order to regain their cognitive structure in consistency, migrants need to choice their acculturation attitude.