Психология социального развития

Development of Ethno-cultural Tolerance in Adolescents under Conditions of General Educational Process

The article presents the results of theoretical analysis of the problem of development of ethno-cultural tolerance in adolescents under conditions of an educational process. It is shown that ethno-cultural tolerance is one of the major value-related orientations of adolescents. It describes context- and process-related characteristics of formation of ethnical tolerance of a personality in adolescence. The author singles our principles, major methods and forms of its development under conditions of general educational process.

Family as a Factor Successful Adaptation of Adolescents in Inclusive Education

The article presents data of the study of life scripts and adaptive capabilities of adolescents enrolled in an inclusive educational institution. This work represents the results of research carried out on a representative sample of students (Ulyanovsk; N = 98, age 12–17 years) with the use of diagnostic tools: diagnostic technique of social – psychological adaptation of С. Rogers and P. Diamond; technique «Essay » adapted by the author. The differences of socio-psychological adjustment between adolescents with different life scenarios.

Modern Aspects of Social Adaptation of Adolescents and Adults with Stuttering

Primary focus of this article is on formation of communicative behavior of stuttering adolescents and adults. The article contains the outline of stages of correctional work aimed at forming communicative behavior of people who stutter. The main aim of this piece of research is substantiation, development and approbation of methods of correctional and pedagogical work, which are connected with communicative behavior of stuttering adolescents and adults.

Family Group Logopedic Psychotherapy as a Model of Socio-Rehabilitational System

The article presents the data of theoretical analysis related to problems of stutter (logoneurosis) as one of the extreme forms of conversation disturbances; it presents characteristics of people who stutter and their families, peculiarities of therapy for this defect. The article touches upon the problem of family involvement into the process of social rehabilitation. It is shown that utilization of non-traditional methods, such as: Yu. B.

Attitude of Student Youth to People with Reduced Capabilities

The article introduces results of comparative empirical investigation of various attitudes of students (future education psychologists and lawyers) to people with reduced capabilities and cooperation with them. Data obtained in the course of the investigation testifies to predominantly positive attitude of students majoring in psychology and pedagogics to people with reduced capabilities, while other students (law students) demonstrate more neutral and sometimes negative attitude to people with reduced capabilities.

Peculiarities of Value Orientations and Personal Socialization in Adolescents with Health Limitations

The article presents the data on comparative analysis of characteristics of value orientations and personal socialization of adolescents with health limitations, who do not suffer from chronic diseases. It describes major modern approaches to understanding of socio-psychological manifestations of personal socialization, its values and adaptation possibilities.

Peculiarities of Choosing Coping Behavior Strategies in Males and Females

The article presents results of the empirical investigation dedicated to studying gender-related peculiarities of coping strategies choices. The empirical base of the investigation consisted of 50 people, among them 25 males and 25 females aged 25–35 years old. Coping strategies were studied with Hobfoll’s questionnaire. Statistical analysis of the obtained data was done with SPSS 17.0 package. We also used Pearson’s correlation analysis and Student’s t-test. It was found out that the prevailing coping strategies in the sample were active and passive constructive coping strategies.

Attitude to Politico-Social Phenomena and Satisfaction with Life in Representatives of Different Ethnic Groups

The article presents the results of theoretical and empirical investigation, which is devoted to socio-political phenomena and satisfaction with life. The investigation was made on a sample of representatives of the Russian, Tartar and Kazakhs ethnic groups (Saratov Region, N = 30). The author uses a complex of psychological and pedagogic techniques: questionnaire compiled by the author (for investigation of attitudes to socio-political phenomena), «Index of satisfaction with life test» (by N. V. Panina), «Scale of subjective well-being» (by M. V.

Valued Risks and Youth’s Conception of the Parenthood

The article reflects the topical issues of global transformation of values, associated with demographic processes and resource potential of the state. Achievement of utmost levels and increase in depopulation, inadequate reflection of the gender factor in population policy determines the increase of the crisis and the risks of the contemporary society.

Adaptation Readiness of First Graders in Estimates of Participants of Educational Process

The article suggests the data of theoretical and empirical research of the problems of sportsmen resistance to factor-influence caused by the influence of society he/she is directly interacting in the course of his/her activity. Traditionally the members of this society are coaches, team-mates, competitors, and specialists of the present area: all these people are the carriers of social opinion on the level of sportsman readiness and his competitive opportunities. The article points