Educational Akmeology

Inclusive Education in Latvia for Children with Functional Motor Disorders in the Context of Sustainable Development

The article presents data pertaining to theoretical analysis of topical aspects of the problem of inclusion of children with low severity functional motor disorders in the general education village school in the context of sustainable development. The author views the problem of low status of students with low severity functional motor disorders in their interaction with classmates. The article presents results of the empirical study, which was carried out on a sample of 30 students of the 7–9 grades of basic school aged 13–17. The following diagnostic tools were used: J.

Tendencies in Development of Special Education: Social and Cultural Approach

The article presents socio-cultural analysis of the problem of transformation of an institution of special education in Russia. It views the main factors regarding change of its content-related characteristics, orientation towards social integration and educational inclusion for children with special needs. The author analyses the mainstream of special (correctional) education in Russia, which is linked to implementation of integrational and inclusive practices for teaching children with special educational needs.

Verbal-Logical Thinking and the Structuring of the Preadolescents Personality Traits

The results of the longitudinal study of intelligence and personality characteristics of school children aged 9-12 years are presented. The study was performed on a sample of 128 students of 3 - 6 grades during three years. The R. B. Cattell's 12-factor questionnaire and Cultural Free Test are used. The new complex data processing method based on the neural networks and factor analysis is developed.

Forming Professional Conscience in Psychologists Through the Study of Primary Sources

The article gives the results of the theoretical and methodological analysis of the problem of forming professionalism and professional consciousness. We have updated the problem of forming professional consciousness in psychology students. We have marked out three components of professiogenesis and highlighted the role of the resource component. The multiparadigmality of psychology as a science is regarded as a condition complicating the construction of a coherent system of knowledge and the formation of a complete psychological world view.

Dynamics of subjective Characteristics of Personality in the Process of studying at the university

The article suggests the data of empirical research showing the peculiarities of dynamics of the complex of subject personality characteristics with the students in the process of education. The research has found significant differences in the structure of subject organization in the students of the first and the last years. It has been discovered that by the last year students show characteristics of creational subjectness that not only defines she high level of aspiration and selffulfillment, but also complete system of humanistic values.

Acmeological Competence of Personality as a Factor of Psychological Readiness to Risk

The article presents the detailed description of acmeological competence and psychological readiness to risk from the points of view of acme and katabole in the context of his/her life path. The authors show the results of empirical research performed on the sample group of professors (n = 51, age 31-71, professors of Saratov universities: Saratov State University, and Saratov State Agricultural University named after N. I. Vavilova) with the use of diagnostic tools: expert

Theoretical Contradictions in the Defining

The article describes theoretical inconsistencies in defining the psychological mechanisms of intuition. The research points out the approach that regards intuition as a complex functioning, and the other cognitive
process considering intuition as the means to obtain «direct knowledge», which is beyond the rationally explicable availability of information. The authors outline the difficulties professionals of different areas
face in the course of studying intuitional phenomena (psychologists, psycho-physiologists).

Happiness and Meaning: the Discussion with M. Seligman

The author presents theoretical views and experimental results, which question M. Seligman's statement concerning the necessity of a person's attachment to something outer and bigger than herself in order
to achieve meaning in life. In the frame of the author's theoretic conception, meaning is achieved with the help of realization of something inner, smaller and higher, not bigger and outer. Numerous positive

Excursion Technique as Implementation of Subjective-Personal Approach to Studying History of Psychology

The article proves that excursion technique is one of the effective forms
of conducting the psychology classes. The authors point out that the
developed excursion program is based on biographic method as one
of the scientific and historical research methods. The study points
out the fact that provincial psychology has been developing as a fullfledged part of the Russian psychological science; typical picture of the
Russian Empire scientific psychology development is presented in the
article. The suggested approach expands the students' knowledge on

Level Satisfaction Students get from Education: Methods of Diagnosis and Inter-Related Factors

The article provides the results of empirical studies on assessment of the consistency and specific diagnostic capabilities of a number of techniques for diagnosing the level of satisfaction of students with the education they receive (sample group size is 266 students). In addition to the author's techniques described in the article the researcher used personality questionnaires: viability tests and method of style self-regulation of behavior.