Educational Akmeology


На основе процесса изучения произведений художественной литературы и формирования эстетической культуры студентов разработаны оптимальные технологии подготовки современного специалиста, сочетающего высокий профессионализм, эстети- ческую культуру и способность к творческой самореализации. Рассмотрена методика организации сотрудничества студентов и преподавателя, студентов и других служб университета как путь к совершенствованию учебного процесса, накоплению студента- ми необходимых знаний и на этой основе – творческой реали- зации.


Гуманизация и гуманитаризация истолкованы как взаимосвязанные компоненты образо- вательного пространства. Художественная литература представлена как универсум чело- веческого бытия. Чтение раскрыто как полифункциональный социокультурный феномен, инструмент структурирования макро- и микропространства личности. Культура чтения включена в структуру профессиограммы учителя. Высокий уровень культуры чтения пе- дагога рассмотрен как средство приобщения младших школьников к миру литературы, к миру человеческих ценностей.

Conditions of Conflict Competence Formation of Teachers in Pre-School Educational Institution

The article presents the results of the study of conflict competence formation among teachers of pre-school educational institutions. The results of the empirical study were obtained on the basis of preschool educational institution in Saratov, using following diagnostic tools: K. N. Thomas «Conflict Mode Instrument», express-method for assessing the psychological climate among staff (A. Mikhailyuk, L. Yu.

Professional Socialization of an Individual in the Process of Subject-Oriented Education

The paper presents the results of theoretical and methodological analysis of a problem of youth early socialization and the major role of professional community to provide socialization in contemporary environment. The authors support the idea of necessity to move towards cross-disciplinary and convergent education based on the implementation of the subject-oriented approach, referring to discussion of implementation of continuation of technological and competence-based approaches in education.

Development Factors of Future Specialists’ Competitiveness

The paper presents the findings of a theoretical analysis of the formation of a specialist’s competitiveness in the context of a changing society. It presents the results of an empirical study that involved a sample of students (two academic groups of third-year students of Saratov Socio-Economic Institute (branch) of Plekhanov Russian University of Economics (N = 59)) and used the following psychognostic instruments: «I am a leader» (A. N. Lutoshkin) and the Rokeach Value Survey (M. Rokeach).

Psychosemiotic Features of the Multiculturally Oriented Academic Text as a form of Information Objectification

The paper presents a psychological scheme of semantic comprehension of academic texts. In the context of a multicultural perspective, the scheme is presented as a three-tier system: the inductive level, the formative level of the functional scheme of semantic comprehension, and the realizing level. It is shown that understanding of a text in terms of its multicultural orientation is a complex multi-step process which involves perceptional-cognitive-affective processing of perceived information.

Psychological Meaning of the Concept «School Adaptation»

The paper presents the findings of a theoretical analysis of the problem of school adaptation. It is demonstrated that school adaptation is an ongoing process, involving such fundamental changes in the person’s life as the change of activities and social environment. School adaptation is interpreted not only as a process of adaptation to effective functioning in an educational environment, but also as the person’s active exploration of the surrounding environment associated with his/her ability to develop psychologically, personally, and socially.

Designing Programs of Professional Development of Pre-School Teachers

professional development of teachers of pre-school educational institutions within the framework of postgraduate education. The relevance of task forms of organizing course training of teachers in the system of career enhancement and professional training is explained. An educational program is defined as a system of situations of development that encourage a transition to self-education and self-development at the stage of postgraduate training for innovation activities.

Motivational Readiness of Law Students for Future Professional Work

The paper substantially analyzes modern approaches to the concept of a person’s motivational readiness and examines how it is manifested in students in regard to their future professional work. The paper presents the results of an empirical study that was carried out in Saratov State University named after N. G. Chernyshevsky in 2014 and 2015. The study included undergraduate students in the final year of their degree program in law (N = 101) and employed the following instruments: a shortened version of the Job Diagnostic Survey (J. R. Hackman and G. Oldham, adapted by A. B.

Master Class as a Way to Translate Pedagogical Mechanisms Successful Future

The modern teacher as a person and a subject of culture is intended to learn the values and meanings of culturally oriented pedagogical work as cultural competent specialist must be able to substantiate and successfully to broadcast cultural practices of successful productive activity within the various forms of studies, one of which serves the master class.