Educational Akmeology


Проанализированы подходы к содержанию профессионального самосознания. Показано сходство взглядов большинства авторов на содержание самосознания, которое представлено професси- ональными образами, определяющими видение развивающимся субъектом окружающего мира.


Включение фасилитатора в инклюзивную практику и понима- ние механизмов и закономерностей фасилитации социального взаимодействия создают условия для самообразования, само- развития и социализации субъектов инклюзивной практики. За- дача и фасилитации, и социализации – улучшение социального взаимодействия. Цель исследования – изучить психологическую природу феномена фасилитации социального взаимодействия (соответственно, социализации): описать явление, структуру (родовидовые отношения), механизмы, закономерности фаси- литации социального взаимодействия.


Изложены результаты теоретико-методологического анализа проблемы психологических механизмов формирования готовности обучающихся к инновационной деятельности. Ин- новационная деятельность является неотъемлемой частью любой организации и пред- приятия и обеспечивает конкурентоспособность и выживание человека в современном изменчивом мире. Показано, что готовность к инновационной деятельности выступает важным условием её эффективного выполнения, применения имеющихся знаний, реали- зации личных качеств, сохранения самоконтроля и способности своевременно реагиро- вать на требования ситуации.

Semiotic and Symbolic Means in the Life of Preschool Children

The results of theoretical analysis of the problem of semiotic (symbolic) mediation of development of preschool children psychology in the process of mastering the speech activity. It is mentioned that being a semiotic system, speech helps children to take control of their behavior: it becomes controlled (perceived) and organized (self-developed in the context of the situation).

Student Creative Self-Realization Techniques in Literature Courses

Based on the process of students studying literature and developing aesthetic abilities, the author developed optimal techniques of training a modern expert who demonstrates extensive expertise, aesthetic abilities, and abilities for creative self-realization. The paper proposes a technique of student-teacher and student-university services cooperation as a way to improve the academic process, to help students acquire required knowledge and, consequently, develop abilities for creative realization.

A Teacher’s Culture of Reading as a Means of Humanizing Educational Environment

Humanization and humanitarization are interpreted as interrelated components of educational environment. Literature is interpreted as a universum of human existence. Reading is defined as a multifunctional sociocultural phenomenon, a means of structuring macro-and micro-space of a personality. The culture of reading is included in the structure of the teacher’s job profile. A high level of the teacher’s culture of reading is viewed as a means of introducing junior high school students to the world of literature and to the world of human values.

Conditions of Conflict Competence Formation of Teachers in Pre-School Educational Institution

The article presents the results of the study of conflict competence formation among teachers of pre-school educational institutions. The results of the empirical study were obtained on the basis of preschool educational institution in Saratov, using following diagnostic tools: K. N. Thomas «Conflict Mode Instrument», express-method for assessing the psychological climate among staff (A. Mikhailyuk, L. Yu.

Professional Socialization of an Individual in the Process of Subject-Oriented Education

The paper presents the results of theoretical and methodological analysis of a problem of youth early socialization and the major role of professional community to provide socialization in contemporary environment. The authors support the idea of necessity to move towards cross-disciplinary and convergent education based on the implementation of the subject-oriented approach, referring to discussion of implementation of continuation of technological and competence-based approaches in education.

Development Factors of Future Specialists’ Competitiveness

The paper presents the findings of a theoretical analysis of the formation of a specialist’s competitiveness in the context of a changing society. It presents the results of an empirical study that involved a sample of students (two academic groups of third-year students of Saratov Socio-Economic Institute (branch) of Plekhanov Russian University of Economics (N = 59)) and used the following psychognostic instruments: «I am a leader» (A. N. Lutoshkin) and the Rokeach Value Survey (M. Rokeach).

Psychosemiotic Features of the Multiculturally Oriented Academic Text as a form of Information Objectification

The paper presents a psychological scheme of semantic comprehension of academic texts. In the context of a multicultural perspective, the scheme is presented as a three-tier system: the inductive level, the formative level of the functional scheme of semantic comprehension, and the realizing level. It is shown that understanding of a text in terms of its multicultural orientation is a complex multi-step process which involves perceptional-cognitive-affective processing of perceived information.