Editorial council

The editorial council is responsible for the general policy of the journals Izvestiya of Saratov University. New Series, develops current and future plans, facilitates general management of the series’ editorial boards. The editorial council of the journal is run by the rector of Saratov University, his deputy is the vice rector in scientific research, the editorial council  members are all the editors-in-chief of all the series and head of Saratov University Press.

Editorial Council


Chumachenko Aleksey Nikolayevich, Doctor of Geography, Professor

Deputy Editor-in-Chief

Koronovskii Aleksei Aleksandrovich, Doctor of Physics and Mathematics, Professor

Chief Secretary

Khalova Viсtoria Anatol'evna, Candidate of Physics and Mathematics, Associate Professor


Members of the editorial council:

Balash Olga Sergeevna, Candidate of Economics, Associate Professor

Buchko Irina Yuryevna, Head of Saratov University Publishing house

Danilov Victor Nikolaevich, Doctor of History, Professor

Ivchenkov Sergei Grigorievich, Doctor of Sociology, Professor

Kossovich Leonid Yurievich, Doctor of Physics and Mathematics, Professor

Makarov Vladimir Zinovievich, Doctor of Georgaphy, Professor

Prozorov Valeri Vladimirovich, Doctor of Philology, Professor

Usanov Dmitry Aleksandrovich, Doctor of Physics and Mathematics, Professor

Ustiantsev Vladimir Borisovich, Doctor of Philosophy, Professor

Shamionov Rail Munirovich, Doctor of Psychology, Professor

Shliakhtin Gennadiy Victorovich, Doctor of Biology, Professor